red kitty roundup: our favorites from this week


andrea kowch

This Happened to Me: Musings on Perspective and the Memoir-Worthy Bar by Suzanne Guillette – thoughts on life, writing, finding voice and being “enough.”

Dig Deep: Beyond Lean In – bell hooks on Sheryl Sandberg, feminism, and intersectionality. a must-read on the state of feminism today and the problems with Sandberg’s ‘Lean In.’

Writing Lesson: Re-Telling Fairy Tales – Carolyn Turgeon for The Hairpin, on Red Kitty’s favorite topic.

What We Write Will Last Longer Than Our Skins – An Interview with poet Rachel McKibbens from Tin House.

Flavorwire’s roundup of Andrea Kowch’s gorgeous, otherworldy paintings.

How Homestar Runner changed Web Series for the Better – Todd VanDerWerff. BURNINATING THE COUNTRY-SIDE.

This Was Not Supposed to be a Haunted Hayride – Django Gold for McSweeneys – HAPPY HALLOWEEN, YALL.

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